Online Lead Generation

Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Paid Search, Social, Website Optimization, Mobile Marketing

Consulting Services

Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter

Paid Marketing – CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI

Strategic Planning

Vendor Management, Media Planning, Online Ad Sales, Analysis, Contract Negotiation, Market Research, Budgeting, Benchmarking

Main Message

Are you trying to figure out a comprehensive online media strategy to acquire new and repeat customer that best aligns with your media goals and marketing budget?

I can help you create customized strategies for garnering, monitoring, growing, and re-engaging consumers with your products.  This will help you identify, record, benchmark, report and document your customer journey throughout the sales lifecycle.

I can help you maintain and manage direct buyers and publishers, as well as, orchestrate the creation of additional marketing collateral that will increase your overall conversion rate and traffic!

Let’s chat about your business needs and KPI’s and determine what media channels best fit your overall goals, then let’s formalize a plan to reach those goals, and execute an effective online marketing mix for you and your business.


Next Steps…

Get in Contact with me.  We can have a free, no obligation call to discuss your business needs and how I can help you implement strategies to get that done.

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