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Agile Sales and Marketing Executive with 15 years of senior management and online sales and marketing experience. Adaptable digital media veteran with a proven track record in business development, negotiation, and cross channel selling. Experienced in financial management, budgeting, traffic management & development, on-boarding direct advertisers & publishers, and strategic planning.

Key Skills

Business Development / Online Sales – Leverage my industry contacts & knowledge to achieve and succeed sales goals

Strategic Planning – Extensive market analysis and use of current reporting to identify key metrics and opportunities to make decisive action and rapidly capitalize on those opportunities to achieve ROI gains

Financial Management – Develop and implement budgets based on market trends, previous company financials, and/or current marketing objectives to implement financial goals and objectives while managing receivables and P&L

Marketing – Utilize numerous online acquisition channels to obtain the highest level of sales while maximizing returns internally and for external clients



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Digital Marketing Expert with over 15 years of Online Marketing Experience

Danielle Raybuck

Vice President

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